Welch Allyn 719-DSK Universal Desk Charger Only

Pair your exams with a convenient, compact desk charging unit and exam tool sets. Drop-in desk/well charging rechargeable power handles to help keep your otoscope, ophthalmoscope and other exam tools ready for use.

  • Integrated light indicators highlight that power is flowing to the unit and that handles are charging
  • Designed for Welch Allyn Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion Plus battery handles as well as 3.5 V or 2.5 V NiCad, Lithium Ion and PocketScope™ handles
  • Optional wall mount kit to affix on wall or cabinet
  • Now featuring iExaminer® Pro SmartBracket™ storage to help you quickly apply to the MacroView Plus otoscope to capture and share images of the ear
Price: $318.00
Product Image
Part No : HI0WA719DSK