Virtual Field

The Virtual Field is the visual field test that your patients will love. Advanced testing and analysis software includes all the features you expect in one easy-to-use interface.

The Virtual Field provides greater efficiencies with reduced testing time and the ability to test multiple patients at once. It's easier to clean than traditional perimeters and no eye patch is necessary for patients. The mobile and lightweight design allows patients to be tested anywhere with wifi access.


  • Progression analysis - Track visual field loss over time with our advanced progression analysis software.
  • Monocular or Binocular - Stimuli in the virtual reality headset can be presented to each eye independently or simultaneously.
  • Global access - Access results from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device with our HIPAA compliant website.
  • Audio instructions, error prompts, and encouragement in 34 languages
  • Download reports as PDF or JPG files and uploaded into any EHR.
  • Qualifies for ADA tax credit
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