Haag-Streit Octopus 900

The Octopus 900 offers a wide range of static test patterns, including 32, 30-2, 24-2, and 10-2. In addition, there are two unique physiology-based patterns: the G-Program (a 30-degree field for glaucoma assessment) and the M-Program (a 10-degree field for analysing the macula). They are both correlated with a nerve fibre bundle map and thus make it possible to test the points which are most important for a structure-function correlation. These examination patterns offer a higher density of stimuli in the centre, which supports the discovery of paracentral scotomas that are often missed by the common 32 pattern. The Octopus 900, with its 90-degree radius Goldmann bowl permitting 180-degree full field testing, allows additional testing in the periphery for any kind of driving and disability examination. Common tests like monocular and binocular Estermann tests as well as a ptosis test are already built into the device for ease of use. Further test patterns can be created and saved using the Custom Test function built into the Octopus 900. For low vision patients, testing with the larger size V Goldmann stimulus not only extends the dynamic testing range, but also decreases the level of fluctuation between tests1,2. 

Product Image