S4OPTIK Corneal Topographer

The S4Optik Corneal Topographer allows acquisition of precise measurements by any technician quickly and easily. Networkable software allows intuitive review and analysis.

  • Corneal Topography - This fully featured Placido disk corneal topographer presents all maps including sagittal and tangential curvatures, standard and advanced elevations, refractive power and gaussian curvature. Additionally, a number of numeric indices are presented including those for shape, Ks, peripheral measurements and asymmetry
  • Cataract Pre-Op Analysis - The S4Optik Topographer measures and presents pupil size, angle kappa, spherical aberration, coma, white to white, astigmatism, and HOA RMS values to allow confident lens decisions.
  • Pathology Detection – Irregularities can be easily identified with the comprehensive map sets and the asymmetry indices measured by the S4Optik Corneal Topographer.
  • Corneal Wavefront - Zernike maps and values are presented as well as corrected vs uncorrected visual simulations for patient education.
Product Image