Haag-Streit is now offering a 10-year warranty for slit lamps.

For many decades, Haag-Streit has been infamous for producing high precision and uncompromisingly robust slit lamps. This perception is firmly anchored in the minds of our customers. Now Haag-Streit is consolidating this perception with the tangible and measurable benefit of a significantly extended warranty period. Officially launched in October 2018, Haag-Streit is now offering a 10-year warranty for its slit lamps.

In order to benefit from the 10-year warranty, each slit lamp needs to be registered in our online slit lamp database. The registration requires some basic information from the end-customer (Name, Address, Email, etc.). With this registration, a history file for the slit lamp is activated. Each slit lamp in the 10-year warranty program needs to be serviced. The interval of this preventative maintenance depends on use and the local circumstances, but must not exceed three years. It has to be performed by authorized distributors only. All official Haag-Streit distributors will have access to an online slit lamp database account, which will enable them to view all slit lamps that are registered in their territory. This enables them to easily plan the required preventative maintenance schedule. All service activity will need to be logged in the respective slit lamp file.