Dear Surfer Jason,
Thank you so much for saving the day! I could not use my phoropter or goldman. You were like a 9-1-1 operator instructing me through an ordeal. Your great customer care is so appreciated. Thank you again!
Rosali Quintanar OD


I wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate the relationship we have with Ophthalmic Instruments. We (the project managers) push to have as much of the equipment purchased from us as possible because we know they are going to deliver on time, take care of all of our needs and do the job right. It is rare that you are able to develop such a mutally beneficial relationship with any vendor and I implore all of you to use them for anything you need in the future.
Kaiser San Jose


(Jason) Thank you so much for all your help (and John's too). The chair is working perfectly. Two of the screws were loose and one fell out. All is tight now. I can't express how much I appreciate your help and the diagrams. You both are the best!!!
Charlie SLO Eye(San Luis Obispo Eye Associates)


Hi Scott, I would like to let you know that your technician Sirous did a great job for me repairing the phoropter arm last week, He was very professional, punctual and honest. He did a great job cleaning it, repairing it and put it back together. I really appreciate the wonderful service. I was told by another company that the arm was broken and required a very expensive replacement.
Jessica Yuan OD - Rainbox Optometry, Inc.


Matt (Country)- Dr. Wilson says, "you da man!" and "thanks, bud!"
Carol Wison (from Dr. Paul Wilson OD, Bear Creek Eye Care)


I reached out to OII after receiving a recommendation from a colleague at the AZ College of Optometry saying they were pleased with their work in the clinic. From helping me choose equipment to making sure I was able to get everything I needed within my budget, I have had nothing but great service. Christy has answered all my emails as quickly as I can send them and has always had a solution, usually better than anything I could have even imagined. She has thought of everything down to the smallest detail, even coming to the box walk on our new build out to make sure the exam lane/electrical will be perfect with what we chose. After service has been equally as fantastic. I have worked with a lot of vendors through our cold start office build and opening. None have been as on point throughout the process as Christy and OII. Opening a practice is hard enough, leave the work of getting the equipment you need to Christy and it’ll be one less thing you have worry about.
Jason Klepfisz, O.D.


Jason, Thanks for coming out and installing and calibrating everything. Sirous did a great job especially with the cord management. The exam lame looks great!
Eugene Kim OD - 20/20 Vision Associates Optometry